TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022
11:00 AM ET 

Molding in Engineering and High Performance Resins with 3D Printed Mold Tools

A common misconception with 3D printed mold tooling is that you can only mold in commodity-level plastics like polypropylene. This is okay in many instances because you may only need a prototype for form and fit but oftentimes organizations need a prototype in their end-use material. This is next to impossible with most 3D printed mold tools, however, Fortify is disrupting the industry with our Digital Tooling (DT) resin which has an HDT of > 300C. 

DT is changing how companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and consumer goods industries can get to market faster or get FDA approval faster than competitors. In this upcoming webinar, we will be joined by our partner, Conventus, to talk about how to mold parts using some of their engineering-grade resins.

Register and learn about: 

  • How to take advantage of 3D printed mold tools to create functional prototypes
  • How to properly select between high-performance engineering resins
  • Blending high-performance resins with rapid prototyping to speed up your production schedule in industries such as aerospace & defense and medical. 

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Craig Crossley  is an Applications Engineer at Fortify working in the injection mold tooling vertical. He graduated from UMass Lowell with a BSE in Plastics Engineering. Prior to joining Fortify in April 2021 Craig worked as the Process Engineering Lead at Prodrive Technologies and the Injection Molding Engineer at Spaulding Composites. He also has over 5 years of various Plastics Engineering experience. Craig has worked on tooling design as well as mold processing, project management and purchasing of new tooling and materials. During his time at Fortify he has worked on several projects that include the introduction of high performance molding materials into our envelope of capabilities. 

Bob Montgomery is the Director of Product Line Management at Conventus Polymers.  He is a twenty-year veteran of the plastics industry, having joined Conventus after working with the bioplastics startup companies Attis Innovations and Genarex, where he served as Vice President of Product Development.  Bob worked with SABIC for 7 years, including serving as the Global Product Manager of High-Heat Polycarbonates, and drove innovative research in bicomponent fiber technologies at the US Army RDECOM, where he also worked for 7 years.  Bob holds a BS and MS in Plastics Engineering from UMass Lowell, as well as an MBA from Boston University.